Enjoy the Ride

Ralph Waldo Emerson and Aerosmith had it right, “Life’s a journey, not a destination, and I think happenings is likewise a journey, not a destination. While I am still reading The Happiness Project, Rubin made a great point. And although I had heard the saying before, I had never really thought about it. We get so consumed in trying to achieve things that we think make us happy, without actually appreciating the process.

Thing about it. For example, I like to sew. It is relaxing and at some times challenging. I get so consumed with the thought that I need to hurry up and finish what I am sewing without realizing it is the actual process that I enjoy and no so much the finished product. After all, once I finish it, while I have a couple minutes of enjoyment admiring my finished product, all I think afterwards is ‘What’s next’. I think we do this in our daily lives, which can inhibit us from enjoying it. Rubin talks about Tal Ben-Shahar’s “arrival fallacy” and how people anticipate happiness at arriving, or finishing, and are rarely as happy as they had anticipated.

We should learn to really enjoy the now, as cliche as it sounds. Once we finish something it typically just means that we need or have to start something else. So why not take a step back and realize that you should really appreciate the process, not the end result.

So for me this is going to take some self discipline until it comes more naturally, as I am definitely guilty of not appreciating the now. How do you guys feel about this idea and what are ways you think you could take that step back and enjoy the ride?


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