Be Thankful

We are told all the time to not take things or people for granted and it typically goes in one ear and out the other. But I want to really try sort of have that as my mantra for a while to really take it in. Not just appreciate things in life sometimes but always. I feel if I can get into this mindset of realizing what I have and REALLY appreciating it I will be another step towards real happiness. 

My fiancé for one. We have been together for over 7 years and he is like my best friend and I could never imagine my life without him, but how often do I let him know that? Not enough. He put up with me through my depression, which had to be incredible tough and he continues to be there now, through any moods or things I am going through. There is just so much that we are and mean to each other and we don’t show it as often as we should. 

Another is my kids. My daughter isn’t old enough to comprehend much but my 5 year old is. I should really let him know when I am proud of him and how much he means to me, even if he is just like, ‘Whatever, Mom’. 

There are also my friends, as well as simpler things like a roof over my head. A great job. My car. My health. These are things that I always work to improve so I don’t think about how I should be grateful for them now. 

Hopefully I can drill it into my head and start to look at my life a little different. 


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