The Importance of Understanding Politics

How many of you have heard the phrase, “politics don’t affect me?” I use to think the same thing until I joined the military and started listening to NPR (my fiancé got me hooked on it). I also started learning how the owners of most national new sources are own by only a few people who tend to have a major bias in politics, which was apparent in what they covered and how they covered it. *cough* Fox News *cough* I knew I needed to really follow the news and what was going on and also fact check things. 
So that is how I got turned on to politic. While I am still learning one thing is clear, politics affect everyone. The top one percent of America understands that fact. Gun makers, food makers, soda makers all those big corporations understand that fact. And now as the middle class slowly starting to disappear; I’m sure they too are starting understand how much politics affect them. 

Some of the smartest and most successful people in the country understand politics and how important it is to helping them maintain their wealth and success. Now that might not sound like a bad thing but when you take a deeper look at how they do this you start to realize how selfish there intensions are. Here are some quick facts:

  • The top 1% of Americans own 35% of the nations wealth.   
  • In the 1950s and the 1960s, when the economy was booming, the wealthiest Americans paid an income tax rate of 91%. In 2015 that number was 43.4%. 

Now 91% sounds like a horrible amount to have to pay but when you think about it in terms of someone like Bill Gates, one of the riches Americans alive, and apply what we’ve learned to the income he made in 2013. In that one year he made 11.5 billion dollars. If we put that amount under the 43.4% tax rate he would be under in 2015 he would still walk away with over 6 billion dollars. And the messed up thing is taxes actually decrease when your at the very top thanks to loop holes. 
 Now I’m all for people keeping the money they earn but 6 billion in one year for one person? We have students getting out of college that have thousands of dollars if debt that can hardly pay the money back and your telling me we can’t find a way to fix that problem. Which brings me back to the point of why it’s important to the wealthy to understand politics because it helps them escape paying more in taxes.

Now something I’ve noticed over time is that a lot of rich people support Republican candidates. I found out the one of the reasons is that Republicans typically support lower tax on the rich. They also support a lot of the tax loopholes like off shore accounts, it even gives them tax deductions on things like a mansion deduction or a yacht tax deduction or a fancy business meal tax deduction. I’m not trying to pick on any one party because no one of them is perfect which emphasis the need to stay active in the understanding of politics.​

​Now I don’t wanna pick on select few cause that’s not fair after all they somewhat earned all that money so I can understand how its difficult forcing them to help the country that made them and its people. No now I wanna target the big corporations cause there the worst when it come to understanding the game and rigging it in their favor.

​The way these corporations operate is to hire congressional lobbyist who go to Washington and fight for their companies. Few are legitimate in there work many are illegitimate. Some of you may know of their work as they are the people who write the healthcare reform laws in favor of the healthcare company of course, they are the people that abolished a law that would have put a cap on credit card interest rates so that they could be manageable. And they are also the ones who made pizza count as vegetable in school lunches, some really great people👌.

So these guys whole job is to literally cheat the system so that there company benefits from the legislation or the rulings that come from the government.      

“Thirty large U.S. corporations paid more money to Congressional lobbyists than they paid in taxes from 2008-2010”.

Lobbyist get paid millions and their companies can benefit just as much if not more over time because of the work that they do.​

One of the worst companies is General Electric, which paid lobbyist 39 million in 2010 alone. And over the course of three year they avoid paying taxes and instead received 4.7 billion in tax rebates

On the other hand, who can blame them?As I’ve said before weather you’re an individual or a large corporation your obviously going to whatever it takes to survive and thrive. So I ask the people who need the most attention. Why are we not thriving? Why cant the government work for us? The simple answer is we just don’t care. Maybe that’s a little harsh but its kinda true. We say we vote for the best candidate but looking at our options today are they truly the best we have got? We say we want change in our government but what have you done to make that happen? You, what are you doing to make sure your life and you families life is being taken into consideration? Because I guarantee you the rich are making sure they’re taken care of. Those big corporation are hiring lobbyist to make sure they’re taken care of. Where is our input? Where are our lobbyist?

The voices of few, although they can be heard, are still not loud enough. The actions of a few, although they are bold, still don’t seem to be working. We must come together realize that there is strength in numbers, that we can change our lives for the better. But we have to understand politics in order to do that. We must use the system that has helped everyone but the people who need it the most. The wealthy and the powerful may have money and recourses to help them achieve their goals but they still only get one vote. We are the majority and our voice/vote make a difference, but a vote for just anyone is just as bad as not voting at all. Understand the politics behind every candidate fact check them, make sure the have your interest in mind. In a world people have endless information at their fingertips there is no excuse. Become a part of the system that was put in place to make sure everyone could enjoy life, liberty, and always remember that we must pursue our happiness. 


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