Do You Have a Style?

I haven’t written much since I started going back to work 😞 It has definitely been difficult finding the time. However, when I started getting dressed for work in the mornings I realized many things still did not fit properly since I have my daughter and I needed some new clothes. While looking around for clothes (online, of course) I started to see various trends and styles and it occurred to me, what is my style?

I don’t really have one. Not that I’m not stylish (at least I think I do πŸ’…πŸ˜) I just tend to like many different types of styles and I don’t feel like I need to stick to one. Whether it’s a boho hippie look, sophisticated chic, ‘mommy’ look, artsy or romantic, many people seem to identify with one, but I can’t seem to. I like different aspects of all of them, so why should I stick to one? It also depends on what I am doing and the mood I am in. 

What about you? Do you identify with just one style? Is it weird not to?


5 thoughts on “Do You Have a Style?

  1. I think it’s so true, I never completely like a whole style, just elements of it … Not that I would identify as stylish; wannabe stylish maybe. Why be boring and limit yourself when there’s an entire wealth of clothing options available? Great post πŸ™‚

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