Thumbs Up!

I finally finished! 😊 

About a month ago I mentioned that I was reading The Happiness Project by Gretchen Rubin, and I just finished about a day or so ago. I have to say that I completely recommend it! If anyone has ever thought about doing any kind of happiness project of just self improvement, this book would be a great start. 

I wanted to do something like this for awhile and was excited to learn that someone else already had and even better, they documented it. Another awesome thing about it is that she had already done the research about the different aspects of happiness, which is a HUGE help. Especially because I am not the type of person to start something like this without researching first. 

So I have decided to do my own little happiness project. To start I want to tackle my relationship first. I feel like this is most important, even before the kids, because in order to work on the other aspects and resolutions I want to I want everything to be where they should be with my other half. While I feel like we are a happy couple, there are many aspects that I think that I can help to improve. I will keep you updated on my little journey. 


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