Made for Men, Used by Women

Ok, so I don’t really sleep in my fiancés shirts because they are his and I want to be all wrapped up in his smell, as sweet as that sounds. Truth is, his shirts are more comfortable than mine. 

I was shaving my legs last night and it occurred to me…I use a lot of things that were meant for men. I already mentioned men’s tablets, but also men’s sweatpants. Whether to sleep in or workout in you just can’t seem to find many loose sweatpant pant ions for woman anymore. 

Another piece of clothing I borrow from my fiancé is hoodies. Typically, like the t-shirts and sweatpants, it’s only for around the house, but the looseness one roominess of his hoodies are much more comfortable. 

When I mentioned shaving earlier, I was talking about razors and pre shave oil. I have been using men’s razors for years now, simply because they seem so much shaper and smoother. My favorite right now is the Schick Hydro 5. It has these little moisture strips that get slicker when introduced to water, making the razor glide better. Another plus, my fiancé and I can share razor head packs 😮. 

I have just recently started using his pre shave. It’s this oily stuff that helps the blade glide close to the skin and leaves my legs feeling super soft and smooth. Only negative is my legs smell king of manly. 

The last thing that I use (that I can thing of) is men’s deoterant. I don’t know if they work better because men typically have more smell issues than women (no offense men)but they do. And they smell great! My favorite is Old Spice’s Denali, although they have many amazing scents to choose from. 

What products do you use that are made for men? Or men, what products do you use that are made for women?


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