Disclaimer: I don’t claim to be an expert on anything I post. Just writing (figuratively) about my life, experiences and thoughts. 

This blog was created mainly for myself. I found myself wanting to express my thoughts and feelings about things that were happening in my life, from my family to what I was currently reading. So this blog is about life in its most general context. One day I may feel the need to write about fitness, the other day fashion, the next family. Maybe my insight and thoughts for certain things in life may help others, or at least give someone a new perspective.

About Me….a little background

I am mother of two, a finance, a student, an employee and a friend. I enjoy reading, learning new things, working out (at least I tell myself I do), traveling (though I don’t get to much) and binge watching Netflix. I’m not religious and I love weird girly things like mermaids, fairies and magic (no I don’t really believe they exist but I would like to).

I was in the military for 3 years, I have my associates in merchandise marketing and I am an assistant buyer.

Those are the basic things about myself, the rest will have to be portrayed in this blog…